Top 10 Moments For NBA Top Shot Run It Back 2005–06

Hello! NBA Top Shot Run It Back 2005–06 just announced! Am I excited, you bet I am! That’s why I couldn’t wait but to write this blog post as soon as I can. Just watched about 50+ different highlights from that season! It was fun. One of the hardest things to pick the top 10 was the balance between great highlights and great players, I think I did good! And also remember, they not gonna put every single all-star from that season into the pack, just don’t get your hopes too high, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be excited and speculate right. So here we go, my top 10 NBA moments from the 05–06 season for the new Run It Back!

10. Jason Richardson

Gonna start maybe with not a Hall of Famer but one of my personal favorites growing up, loved his dunks and this is an amazing highlight. Not a dunk but one of the craziest buzzer-beating game-winners you’ll ever see!

9. Steve Nash

To be fair, Steve Nash already has a Run It Back moment with the Lakers, but we want prime Nash, aren’t we? And this is truly his prime, 05–06 season was an MVP year for future Nets head coach, his second MVP to be exact. I couldn’t just pick one highlight for that, but here’s his top 10 from that season, enjoy!

8. Chris Paul

Speaking of top 10 highlight reels, CP3, in his rookie season! How amazing if we would get that? Personally, I hope for a moment from his first game with the Lakers, he really showed up that night! And just how cool would be to get New Orleans Hornets logo/jerseys on TS!

7. Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson moment on Top Shot! Please sign me up! Man was a highlights machine, and yeah we all wanna that moment vs the Lakers when he step over Ty Lue, but this crossover from that season is beautiful!

6. LeBron James

How is that LeBron just number 6? I don’t know, these highlights and players are just so good. Maybe it’s just because we used to have LeBron moments on a site. But how amazing would be to get a moment from his 3rd year in the league, he really made it into the best of the best conversation that year! His first NBA playoffs too, which that moment is from!

5. Jason Kidd

The reason Jason Kidd is on this list, not like he doesn’t deserves it, all-time great point guard but it’s Vince Carter and cause I wanted to include him twice! And yes, would be cool to forever have only 1 Vince moment on TS from his last game, but even better to have moments from his prime! Like this alley-oop dunk, just mind-blowing!

4. Vince Carter

And here is Vince’s moment! Honestly was so hard to choose, he has many amazing highlights from that season! Dunk on Alonzo Mourning came close, but this 360 layup is… I mean… I can’t even describe it, you just gonna watch it!

3. Dwayne Wade

Top Shot cover boy himself, easily could’ve been higher on this list (and maybe he is). This play is fantastic, have a good feeling they gonna go with that one, just classic D-Wade! He was really the king of circus shots, maybe after MJ! And this is from the Heat championship year, Wade’s first ring!

2. Shaquille O’Neal

Speaking of which, his first ring was won alongside this guy. You know him, you love him, and hopefully, soon you will be able to own his moments on Top Shot! Will this happen on this RIB? I don’t know, but would be a missed opportunity to leave this play out of it! It’s really is more of a D-Wade moment but who cares, it’s awesome!

1. Kobe Bryant

Who else but Kobe. As some of you might know, Kobe is my favorite player of all time and to own his moment would be a dream! Many to choose from that season too, who can forget his game-winner vs Suns in the playoffs. But you gotta go with 81 point game right. I mean it’s just unbelievable, highest-scoring performance in a single game since Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game! Also, this was the last season Kobe wore #8 as his jersey number! I’m just gonna leave you here enjoying highlights from that game!

Well, that was fun! Magic of the Run It Back is that takes you back, you remembering these plays, maybe what you life been back there or maybe you just enjoy these fantastic highlights for the first time and this part of the NBA history! Are you pumped for the new Run It Back coming in October? Why I’m even asking, of course you are, it’s gonna be good times but for now, we just have to wait. Don’t forget, WNBA Run It Back is out right now, so I hope you enjoy that too! Thank you so much for reading and happy collecting!