Top 10 Moments Under 5$ For Your Collection (Nov 2021 Edition)

Hello! Today’s article is the Top 10 Moments Under 5$! Sounds familiar? Well, it might be because that was my very first blog back in May, I thought it might be fun to revisit! More than half a year passed, so many new moments were released, and to be honest, opinions change right, so today I’m gonna bring you my updated version! Let’s get into it!

But first, let’s look at my original Top 10.

10. Sabonis 40k
9. Taj Gibson 12k
8. Quickley 40k
7. Barnes 35k
6. Igoudala 35k
5. Carmelo 40k
4. Lowry 40k
3. THT 40k
2. AD 40k
1. CP3 40k

Spoiler, only 2 moments from the original list made it into the new one. And even tho all these moments are worth now pretty much the same as they were back then, some of them got to very good value in these 6 months, some as high as 30$. Personally, as I mention in the original article, I bought 100+ CP3 for 3–4$ and were able to get x2–3 profit during the NBA Finals. But don’t expect these moments to get you rich, these are commons and they made just for fun collecting, but hey, if one day something happens and you can make some profit, that’s great!

10. Any Moment You Love

Okay, this is me just joking a bit cause I only was able to pick 9 moments but it’s true! This is not financial advice, which is also known as “yes, this is financial advice, just don’t blame me if it goes down in price”. Buy what you love, and these are 9 moments that I love!

9. Anfernee Simons 40k 4$

Alright, I might be joking again here, some of you asking why this moment. Well, it’s a wedgie moment! What is the wedgie? You better google Starters wedgie or No Dunks wedgie than ask me. That all I’m gonna say, this moment is just fun to own, that’s it!

8. Terance Mann 11500 5$

To get a bit more serious here, playoffs moments, kinda underrated. Not only these are the moments from the playoffs when it really matters, but they also 20 collector score points, eyes emoji. Any playoff moment for 5$ is a good deal, why Mann? Well, he was the second-best player on the conference finals team, yeah, I know, sounds crazy!

7. Nikola Jokic 40k 5$

Series 2, 40k, Nikola Jokic. Seems like people almost forgot already, but he was the MVP that year and you can get his MVP season moment for just 5$! Sounds good to me, and you never know for sure, maybe they will change their minds about MVP badges and then, eyes emoji, again.

6. Giannis Antetokounmpo 60k 3$

The only Series 3 moment on this list. People trade 3$ moments for trade tickets and you can spend it to buy a moment of arguably the best player on the planet. His first moment after winning that championship for Bucks too!

5. Kyle Lowry 40k 5$

Kyle Lowry is one of the players who made his comeback from the original list! Makes sense, in the original post the reason why this moment was #4 on the list is that it could’ve become Lowry’s last moment as a Raptor, which it did! In my opinion, one day there will be 40k Raptors fans on this site and this moment will not be easy to get!

4. Smush Parker 20k 5$

What is Smush Parker doing here? Well did you know that it’s a secret Kobe Bryant moment?! Yes, the first TS appearance of one of the most beloved players of all time happens in the Smush Parker moment, you can see Kobe sitting on the bench in it, covered in towels. Some might say it doesn’t matter and some might say it matters a lot, I’ll leave it up to you!

3. Dwight Howard 20k 4$

Back to back Archives moments! And you know, this whole Top 10 list could’ve been Archives, honestly I do believe that they are very underrated! You can get so many amazing players, who have a limited amount of moments on the site! Dwight is probably my favorite but you can get Baron Davis, J-Rich, J-Kidd and so many more stars from the past for just under 5$. I love them! But maybe it’s just nostalgia.

2. Chris Paul 40k 4$

The moment! The one that was #1 on the original list, the moment that I owned about 125+ at one point, still own 10, for 2 reasons. Chris Paul is just maybe the most underrated player on the TS, I would put Julius Randle close second. You can argue he is Top 5 point guard of all-time, 100% future Hall of Famer, still playing some of the best basketball of his career! And the second reason, it’s his 10000 career assist, an amazing milestone!

1 .Chris Bosh 41677 4$

Yes, I think Chris Bosh Vintage Vibes reward is the best moment on Top Shot for 5$ or less! In fact, it’s 4$ right now, I don’t get it. The only thing against this moment is that the mint is high, but I can say the same argument here that I did about Lowry as well! Plus Bosh has a very limited number of moments on site, only 2 rares and this fandom. This is a reward too, meaning it’s worth 15 cs points, from the cool VV set and also needed for the full Raptors team set! I might think about stacking this moment!

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed this revisit blog, Top 10 November Edition! Which moment is your favorite? Let me know on Twitter! Thank you so much for reading, if you like or share this blog, it’s greatly appreciated! I enjoy working on them and hope you get some value or just fun out of it! See ya in the next one and happy collecting!