Why I Hold Unopened NBA Top Shot Packs

Hello! Today I’m doing by far the most requested article I’ve been asked to do, why do I hold unopened Top Shot packs? The question that I heard for months, never really planned to do a blog about it. Usually, I either give people my short answer or link them to this video about the topic from Jennifer Sutto, we both have a very similar point of view on this. But lately even more of you asked me to do it, so here it is.

1. Packs marketplace

Feels like before I even started Top Shot I heard about it, it’s been quite some time. But it’s true, the feature to buy and sell packs in the marketplace is in the works. Recently Roham confirmed that packs as of now are not on the blockchain and the team working to change that. What does it mean, well, if you hold your packs you can sell them, look at trade tickets recently, people are willing to overpay to take a chance of scoring a good pack. So selling your packs for a premium on the marketplace seems like a good idea.

2. You can open them at any time

Is it fun opening packs? Hell yes! Even tho one of the reasons I started holding packs in April is because I never really got lucky with any pulls. Am I planning to sell some of my packs on the marketplace? Yes. But some of them are special to me and I might just open them on a special occasion, stream, Christmas, birthday, how awesome would it also be to gift packs to your friends?!

3. You can always buy moment in the marketplace

That’s what I do! Another reason is I don’t open my packs is that I’m very selective with my collection and don’t really love the lottery. If I want LeBron, I’m not gonna open a pack and hope for it, I’m just gonna buy it! And it can be challenging, because you spend money on packs but not opening them, not gonna lie, there were times were it was tough with Dapper balance but collect what you love right, so that’s what I do.

4. You never disappointed

Don’t wanna Plumlee in your collection? Well if you don’t open packs you’ll never will. As I said before I never was super lucky with my pulls in the early days, as long as you hold that pack nice and neat in the package you always have a hope that it’s something good in there. Since I started collecting packs, even tho I was doubting it a bit, especially in July when things weren’t amazing in the marketplace, I’m really happy now with my decision.

5. Collect what you love

I say that a lot but it’s true! First, I just love how packs look, recently I completed almost the entire Vintage Vibes set with packs except for one moment and I just love the way it looks, I know the moments in it, I love them and don’t really care too much about the serial, mystery serial is my favorite serial. Also, once you open your pack, you can’t put it back, while you always can buy the moment on the mp, point #3. And of course, you don’t have to collect every pack, you don’t have to collect even one, but I would suggest you try it, it can be fun and a different way of collecting on Top Shot, and that’s why we here for, collect and have fun!

So this is it, I hope I made my points well, I love collecting moments and I love collecting packs too! Thank you so much for reading and happy collecting!